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Sixth Class School Books

New Wave Mental Maths - 6th Class - Revised Edition [Prim-Ed Publishing]
Master Your Maths 6 [CJ Fallon]
New Wave English in Practice - 6th Class [Prim-Ed Publishing]
Fuaimeanna agus Focail - 6th Class, 2nd Edition [Folens]

My Confirmation Year [Veritas]
Abair Liom H [Folens]
Spellbound 6 [CJ Fallon]
Spell Well 6 - 6th Class [CJ Fallon]

My Spelling Workbook - Book G - New Edition [Prim-Ed Publishing]
Just Handwriting - 6th Class [Educate.ie]
Focloir Folens (3rd-6th Class) [Folens]
Spellbound F - 6th Class [Folens]

Spellings & Tables - 1st-6th class [Folens]
Busy at Maths 6 [CJ Fallon]
The Right Note - 5th and 6th Class [Folens]
Grow in Love - Pupil Book - 6th Class [Veritas]

Tables Champion 6 [Educate.ie]
Weaving Well-Being - 6th Class - Empowering Beliefs - Pupil Book [Outside the Box]
Ceartlitriu 6 [CJ Fallon]
Map Workbook 2 [CJ Fallon]

Irish Grammar Glance Card: 3rd - 6th Class [An Gum]
Mata Meabhrach 6 [4Schools.ie]
Just Maps 6th Class [Educate.ie]
Maths Challenge 6 [Folens]

Béal Beo 6 - 6th class [Edco]
Graimear le Cheile - 5th & 6th Class [Edco]
All Write Now Cursive Book D - 6th Class [Folens]
Word Wise 6 [CJ Fallon]

Busy at Maths 6 - Shadow Book [CJ Fallon]
Small World - Geography & Science - 6th Class [CJ Fallon]
Work it Out - 6th Class [Educate.ie]
Seo Leat 6 [CJ Fallon]

Map Skills 2 - Pack - Sixth Class [CJ Fallon]
Figure it Out 6 [CJ Fallon]
Brain Teasers 6 [CJ Fallon]
Bun Go Barr 6 [CJ Fallon]

Small World - History - 6th Class [CJ Fallon]
Planet Maths - 6th Class - Textbook [Folens]
Word Wizard 6th Class [Gill Education]
Better English - 6th Class [Educate.ie]

Mathemagic 6 [CJ Fallon]
Litrigh e Linn 6 - 6th Class [Edco]
Am Don Leamh - 6th Class [Folens]
Small World - Geography & Science - 6th Class - Activity Book [CJ Fallon]

Go With The Flow - H [CJ Fallon]
Alive-O 8 Pupil's Book - 6th Class [Veritas]
New Treasury - 6th Class [Folens]
Leigh sa Bhaile F - 6th Class [CJ Fallon]

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