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Staedtler Noris - 14cm Hobby Scissors - Right-handed [Staedtler]
12cm security scissors [Premier Stationery]
Scissors - 17cm - Right-handed [Staedtler]
Crafty Bitz Craft Scissors [Crafty Bitz]

Staedtler Noris - 14cm Hobby Scissors - Left-handed [Staedtler]
Maped Essentials Green 17cm Scissors [Maped]
Icon Craft 5.25" / 13cm Craft Scissors [Icon]
Grip School Scissors Blue With Blade Protector Bc [Faber-Castell]

Maped Essentials 17cm Soft Grip Scissors [Maped]
Grip School Scissors Red With Blade Protector Bc [Faber-Castell]
Safety Scissors - 5" / 13cm - Left-hand [Supreme Stationery]
Maped Essentials 21cm Soft Grip Scissors [Maped]

Crafty Bitz Card 3 Crazy Cutters Craft Scissors [Crafty Bitz]
Concept 21cm Comfort Grip Scissors - Left Handed [Concept]