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Feadog Brass Whistle - Key of D [Feadog]
The Right Note - 3rd & 4th Class [Folens]
The Right Note - 5th and 6th Class [Folens]
Music Manuscript Book - A4 [Supreme Stationery]

Exam Papers (2020) - Junior Cycle - Music - Common Level [Edco]
The Right Note - 1st & 2nd Class [Folens]
The Right Note - Junior & Senior Infants [Folens]
Music Manuscript - A4 [Lismore]

Sounds Good 2 [Edco]
Leaving Cert Music - Workbook Course B (Incl. CD) [Folens]
Sounds Good 1 [Edco]
Exam Papers (2020) - Leaving Cert - Music - Higher & Ordinary Levels [Edco]

Raymond Deane’s Seachanges (with Danse Macabre) [The Sound Shop Ltd]
MCBRIDES Music Manuscript Pad - 12 Staves [Waltons Music Ltd]
Mozart Piano Concerto No. 23 A major [The Sound Shop Ltd]
Berlioz Symphony Fantastique & CD Eulenburg E - Old Edition [The Sound Shop Ltd]

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [Hal Leonard Publishing]
Yamaha Recorder - Soprano / Descant - YRS-24B [Yamaha]
Music Workout Preparatory, RIAM [Royal Irish Academy of Music]
Music Manuscript - 8x6 - 20 Page [Lismore]

Let's Make Music! 5 & 6 [Edco]
Sounds Good! - Works & Songs - Set C [Edco]
Ready to Rock 1 - 1st Class [CJ Fallon]
Aulos 205 - Recorder [Aulos]

Let's Make Music! 3 & 4 [Edco]
Leaving Cert Music - Workbook Course A (Incl. CD) [Folens]
Aulos 303 - Recorder [Aulos]
Music Workout Grade 1, RIAM [Royal Irish Academy of Music]

Sounds Good! - Works & Songs - Set B [Edco]
Ready to Rock 2 - 2nd Class [CJ Fallon]
Ready to Rock A - Junior Infants [CJ Fallon]
Ready to Rock B - Senior Infants [CJ Fallon]

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Less Stress More Success - Leaving Cert - Music [Gill Education]
Piano Quartet No. 1 Score by Gerald Barry [Oxford University Press]
A Tempo [Folens]
Sounds Good! - Workbook [Edco]

Music Workout Grade 2, RIAM [Royal Irish Academy of Music]
Music Box 3 - 3rd Class (New Edition) [Edco]
Let's Make Music! 1 & 2 [Edco]
Sounds Good! - Core Book (Incl. 2 CDs) [Edco]

Music Box 4 - 4th Class (New Edition) [Edco]
Less Stress More Success - Junior Cert - Music [Gill Education]
Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet Fantasy Overture [The Sound Shop Ltd]
Music Box 2 - 2nd Class (New Edition) [Edco]

Mozart Concerto No.23 - A major - Piano & Orchestra [The Sound Shop Ltd]
Recorder in the Classroom Book 1 [The Sound Shop Ltd]
Cantata No. 78: Jesus, by Thy Cross and Passion [The Sound Shop Ltd]
Music Workout Grade 3, RIAM [Royal Irish Academy of Music]