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Leaving Cert English Books

Exam Papers (incl 2018) - Leaving Cert - English - Higher Level [Edco]
Macbeth NEW EDITION [Edco]
The Great Gatsby [Penguin Books]
Hamlet NEW EDITION [Edco]

Language Lessons [Gill Education]
This Is Poetry 2019 - Higher Level [Forum Publications]
Foster [Faber & Faber]
Discovery 2020 Higher & Ordinary Level [Edco]

This Is Poetry 2020 - Higher Level [Forum Publications]
Macbeth [Mentor Books]
Verse 2020 - Leaving Cert Poetry - Higher Level - Set [Educate.ie]
Expression: English - Leaving Cert - Paper 1 [Forum Publications]

Hamlet - Gill Shakespeare Focus [Gill Education]
Poetry Focus 2019 [Gill Education]
Poetry Now 2020 - Higher Level [CJ Fallon]
Poetry Now 2019 [CJ Fallon]

Exam Papers (incl 2018) - Leaving Cert - English - Ordinary Level [Edco]
A Doll's House [Bloomsbury Publishing]
The Playboy of the Western World [Nick Hern Books]
Poetry Focus 2020 [Gill Education]

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Shakespeare Focus: Macbeth [Gill Education]
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Revise Wise - Leaving Cert - English - Higher Level [Edco]
Hamlet [Mentor Books]
Macbeth - 2nd Edition [Forum Publications]

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English Key Notes 2019 Higher Level [Mentor Books]
Excellence in English Language - Paper 1 [Educate.ie]
Big Maggie [Mercier Press]
Revolutions - Set [CJ Fallon]

English Extra! - Leaving Cert - Higher Level [CJ Fallon]
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The Spinning Heart [Transworld Publishers Ltd]
Verse 2019 - Leaving Cert Poetry - Higher Level - Set [Educate.ie]
Excellence in English Language and Literature - 2019 - Ordinary Level - Paper 1&2 [Educate.ie]

Language in Focus [CJ Fallon]
All My Sons - Penguin Modern Classics [Penguin Books]
The Plough and the Stars [Faber & Faber]
This Is Poetry 2019 - Ordinary Level [Forum Publications]

New Explorations [Gill Education]
Hamlet [Forum Publications]
Exam Papers (incl 2018) - Leaving Cert - English - Higher Level [Educate.ie]
Hamlet [Folens]

Big Maggie [Mercier Press]
English Key Notes 2020 Higher Level [Mentor Books]
Shortcuts to Success: Macbeth [Gill Education]
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This Is Poetry 2020 - Ordinary Level [Forum Publications]

Paper One Key Skills - Higher Level, New Edition [Mentor Books]
All My Sons [Bloomsbury Publishing]
Excellence in English OL Paper 1 & 2 (2020) [Educate.ie]
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Macbeth [Educate.ie]

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