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Grow in Love 4 - 2nd Class [Veritas]
Grow in Love 3 - 1st Class [Veritas]
Grow in Love 2 - Senior Infants [Veritas]
Grow in Love 1 - Junior Infants [Veritas]

Grow in Love 5 - 3rd Class [Veritas]
Grow in Love 6 - 4th Class [Veritas]
My Confirmation Year [Veritas]
Grow in Love 7 - 5th Class [Veritas]

Grow in Love - Pupil Book - 6th Class [Veritas]
I nGra De 4 - 2nd Class [Veritas]
I nGra De 3 - 1st Class [Veritas]
I nGra De 2 - Senior Infants [Veritas]

I nGra De 1 - Junior Infants [Veritas]
Alive-O 7 Workbook - 5th Class [Veritas]
Alive-O 8 Pupil's Book - 6th Class [Veritas]
Alive-O 8 Workbook - 6th Class [Veritas]

Alive-O 7 Pupil's Book - 5th Class [Veritas]
The Search for Meaning and Values [Veritas]
Faith Seeking Understanding [Veritas]
Alive-O 8 Sacramental Workbook [Veritas]

The New Jerusalem Bible - Pocket Edition (Hardback) [Veritas]
Bliain Choineartaithe [Veritas]
I nGra De 5 - 3rd Class [Veritas]
I nGra De 6 - 4th Class [Veritas]

Seek and Find [Veritas]
Beo go Deo 5 - Workbook [Veritas]
Beo go Deo 7 - Workbook [Veritas]
I nGra De 7 - 5th Class [Veritas]

Soul Seekers Textbook & Skills Book [Veritas]
Beo go Deo 8 - Sacramental Workbook [Veritas]
The Inner Place [Veritas]
Beo go Deo 8 - Workbook [Veritas]

The Inner Place - Workbook [Veritas]
Know The Way Workbook 1 - Section A-D (Blue) [Veritas]
Know the Way [Veritas]
First Communion Mass & Prayer Book [Veritas]

Good News Bible Catholic Edition, Hardback [Veritas]
Alive-O 7 Sacramental Workbook [Veritas]
Searching [Veritas]
Beo go Deo 4 - Workbook [Veritas]

The Catholic Children's Bible [Veritas]
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Called to His Supper [Our Sunday Visitor]
Preparing for First Holy Communion [Veritas]
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Christianity: Origins and Contemporary Expressions (Teachers Text) [Veritas]

Beo go Deo 3 - Workbook [Veritas]
Beo go Deo 4 - Sacramental Workbook [Veritas]
Soul Seekers 2 - Students Pack [Veritas]
The Beginners Bible [Veritas]