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Primary School

Grow in Love 4 - 2nd Class [Veritas]
Grow in Love 3 - 1st Class [Veritas]
Grow in Love 2 - Senior Infants [Veritas]
Bua na Cainte 2 [Edco]

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Bua na Cainte 1 [Edco]
Grow in Love 1 - Junior Infants [Veritas]
Busy at Maths 1 [CJ Fallon]
Busy at Maths 2 [CJ Fallon]

Fallons Table Book [CJ Fallon]
New Wave Mental Maths - 3rd Class - Revised Edition [Prim-Ed Publishing]
Busy at Maths - Senior Infants - Incl. Links Book [CJ Fallon]
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New Wave Mental Maths - 4th Class - Revised Edition [Prim-Ed Publishing]

New Wave Mental Maths - 5th Class - Revised Edition [Prim-Ed Publishing]
Small World - 2nd Class [CJ Fallon]
Small World - 1st Class [CJ Fallon]
New Wave Mental Maths - 2nd Class - Revised Edition [Prim-Ed Publishing]

Junior Sum Copy 1cm Square - 40 Page [Ormond]
Master Your Maths 2 [CJ Fallon]
Planet Maths - Senior Infants - Textbook and Practice Book [Folens]
Busy at Maths - Junior Infants - Incl. Links Book [CJ Fallon]

New Wave Mental Maths - 6th Class - Revised Edition [Prim-Ed Publishing]
Planet Maths - 1st Class - Textbook [Folens]
Master Your Maths 1 [CJ Fallon]
Master Your Maths 3 [CJ Fallon]

New Wave Mental Maths - 1st Class - Revised Edition [Prim-Ed Publishing]
Reading Zone - Two Little Frogs - First class [Folens]
Bua na Cainte B [Edco]
Jolly Grammar 1 Pupil Book [Jolly Learning Ltd]

Master Your Maths 4 [CJ Fallon]
Just Handwriting - Senior Infants [Educate.ie]
Abair Liom D [Folens]
Time for Tables [Edco]

Reading Zone - The Green Genie Reading & Activity Book [Folens]
Planet Maths - Junior Infants - Set [Folens]
Abair Liom C [Folens]
Planet Maths - 2nd Class - Textbook [Folens]

Master Your Maths 5 [CJ Fallon]
Jolly Grammar 2 Pupil Book [Jolly Learning Ltd]
Small World - Senior Infants [CJ Fallon]
Fuaimeanna agus Focail - 3rd Class, 2nd Edition [Folens]

Just Handwriting - 1st Class [Educate.ie]
Sum Copy - 88 Page - Bright Colours - Pack of 5 [Premier Stationery]
Master Your Maths 6 [CJ Fallon]
Just Phonics - Senior Infants [Educate.ie]

Just Handwriting - Junior Infants [Educate.ie]
Sum Copy - 120 Page - Pack of 5 [Ormond]
Abair Liom E [Folens]
Grow in Love 5 - 3rd Class [Veritas]

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