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Health and Wellbeing SPHE 1 [Edco]
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Health and Wellbeing SPHE 2 [Edco]
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Health and Wellbeing SPHE 3 [Edco]
My Life - Book 1 [Folens]

My Life - Book 2 [Folens]
Healthy Living - 1st Year Student Workbook [NW Healthboard]
Healthy Times - 2nd Year Student Workbook [NW Healthboard]
Minding Me 2: My Well-Being [Mentor Books]

My Life - Book 3 [Folens]
My Wellbeing Journey 1 [Gill Education]
Healthy Choices - 3rd Year Student Workbook [NW Healthboard]
My Wellbeing Journey 2 [Gill Education]

Minding Me 1: My Well-Being [Mentor Books]
I Belong 2 [Folens]
New Healthy Lifestyles 2 [Gill Education]
Minding Me 3: My Well-Being [Mentor Books]

I Belong 3 [Folens]
New Healthy Lifestyles 1 [Gill Education]
Mindful Matters A [CJ Fallon]
My Wellbeing Journey 3 [Gill Education]

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SPHE 2 [Edco]
New Healthy Lifestyles 3 [Gill Education]
Mindful Matters 1 [CJ Fallon]
It's Your Wellbeing [Mentor Books]

Mindful Matters B [CJ Fallon]
I Belong 1 [Folens]
SPHE 3 [Edco]
Mindful Matters 3 [CJ Fallon]

Mindful Matters 2 [CJ Fallon]
It's Your Life - Senior Cycle SPHE [Mentor Books]
Mindful Matters 5 [CJ Fallon]
Mindful Matters 4 [CJ Fallon]

Mindful Matters 6 [CJ Fallon]
Explorers Geography & Science - 5th Class [Folens]
Grow Up [Folens]
Explorers History - 5th Class [Folens]

My Wellbeing Journal - Third & Fourth Class [Educate.ie]
Explorers History - 3rd Class [Folens]
My Wellbeing Journal - Fifth & Sixth Class [Educate.ie]
SPHE 1 [Edco]

Explorers Geography & Science - 3rd Class [Folens]
Earthlink 3rd Class Textbook ONLY [Folens]
Explorers Geography & Science - 4th Class [Folens]
Explorers Geography & Science - 6th Class [Folens]

Explorers History - 4th Class [Folens]
Explorers History - 6th Class [Folens]
Healthy Times - 2nd Year Junior Cycle Teachers Pack [NW Healthboard]
Healthy Living - 1st Year Junior Cycle Teachers Pack [NW Healthboard]