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Earthlink - 5th Class - Textbook & Workbook Pack [Folens]
Revise Wise - Junior Cycle - Science - Common Level [Edco]
Earthlink - 5th Class - Workbook [Folens]
Catalyst - Junior Cycle Science Portfolio Book [Educate.ie]

Unlocking SESE - 6th Class [Folens]
Revise Wise - Junior Cert - Science - Higher Level [Edco]
Science Quest 3 [CJ Fallon]
Earthlink - 6th Class - Workbook [Folens]

Essentials Unfolded - Junior Cert - Science [Celtic Press (now part of CJ Fallon)]
Science Quest 4 [CJ Fallon]
Explorers Geography & Science - 3rd Class [Folens]
Science Solutions - 2nd Edition [DCG Solutions]

Explorers Geography & Science - 4th Class [Folens]
Explorers Geography & Science - 6th Class [Folens]
Science Quest 5 [CJ Fallon]
Catalyst - Junior Cycle Science Key Words Book [Educate.ie]

Science Quest 6 [CJ Fallon]
Student Laboratory Notebook - 2nd Edition [Mentor Books]
Unlocking Science - 5th Class [Folens]
Science Revision - Junior Certificate [Mentor Books]

Unlocking Science - 6th Class [Folens]
Unlocking Science - 3rd Class [Folens]
What a Wonderful World! - 3rd Class [CJ Fallon]
Earthlink 3rd Class Textbook ONLY [Folens]

Exploring Science - Activity Book - 2nd Edition [Edco]
Science Matters - Textbook & Workbook Set [Folens]
Science Matters - Laboratory Notebook - 2nd Edition [Folens]
Earthlink - 5th Class Textbook ONLY [Folens]

Earthlink - 4th Class - Textbook ONLY [Folens]
Earthlink - 6th Class Textbook ONLY [Folens]
Unlocking Science - 4th Class [Folens]
Science Quest 2 [CJ Fallon]

Firici Fillte - Eolaiocht - An Teastas Soisearach - Gnathleibheal & Ardleibheal [Celtic Press (now part of CJ Fallon)]
Investigating Science Workbook [Gill Education]
What a Wonderful World! - 4th Class [CJ Fallon]
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My STEM Day - Science : Packed with fun facts and activities! [Welbeck Publishing Group]

Science Quest 1 [CJ Fallon]
An Domhan Beag Seo - 6th Class - Tíreolaíocht & Eolaíocht - Activity Book [CJ Fallon]
Lift-the-Flap How Your Body Works [Usborne Publishing Ltd]
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Discovering Science - Workbook - 2nd Edition [Mentor Books]

Science Window on the World 5 [Edco]
Science Window on the World 3 [Edco]
Science Window on the World 6 [Edco]
Inventions Scribble Book [Usborne Publishing Ltd]

Brain-Fizzing Facts - Awesome Science Questions Answered [Bloomsbury Publishing]
Switch on Science - 2nd Class Pupil's Book [Carroll Heinemann]
Kay's Anatomy - A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body - Hardback [Random House Children's Publishers UK]
An Domhan Beag Seo 4th Class - Tíreolaíocht & Eolaíocht - Leabhar Gníomhaíochta (Activity Book) [CJ Fallon]