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New for 2020

Premier Office Subject Divider Punched Pockets - 10 Part [Premier Stationery]
Premier Office Packet of 40 A4 Extra Strong Punched Pockets [Premier Stationery]
Premier Office A4 Packet of 50 Punched Pockets - Coloured [Premier Stationery]
Time For Business Student Activity Book - 2nd Edition [Edco]

Revue - Transition Year French [Edco]
This Is Poetry 2022 - Higher Level [Forum Publications]
Icon Poster Paint 500ml - Lemon Yellow [Icon]
New Wave Handwriting - 4th Class [Prim-Ed Publishing]

Helix 4 Assorted Whiteboard Markers - Chisel Tip [Helix]
Icon Poster Paint 500ml - White [Icon]
Helix 12"/30cm Shatter Resistant Ruler [Helix]
Helix Oxford Card of 2 Large Pva Erasers [Helix]

Helix 4 Assorted Whiteboard Markers - Bullet Tip [Helix]
Premier Office Lightweight Eraser [Premier Stationery]
Icon Poster Paint 500ml - Turquoise [Icon]
Premier Office Magnetic Dry Wipe Eraser [Premier Stationery]

Helix Oxford - 6 Stick Ballpoint Pens - Assorted [Helix]
Helix Oxford Twin Hole Barrel Sharpener [Helix]
Premier Office Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser [Premier Stationery]
Helix Oxford 7 Piece Exam Kit [Helix]

Helix 4 Piece Precision Drawing Set [Helix]
Helix Oxford - 6 Stick Ballpoint Pens - Blue [Helix]
Helix Giant Spring Bow Compass [Helix]
Helix 12"/30cm Architects Scale Ruler [Helix]

Helix 16 Piece Ultimate School Set [Helix]
Maped Plush Microfibre Whiteboard Eraser - Penguin [Maped]
Helix Oxford Fountain Pen - Graphite [Helix]
Helix Oxford Curve - 10 Ballpoint Pens - Blue [Helix]

Helix 12"/30cm Engineers Scale Ruler [Helix]
Helix Oxford Curve - 10 Ballpoint Pens - Black [Helix]
Helix Oxford - 6 Stick Ballpoint Pens - Black [Helix]
Bucket of 15 Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk - White [World of Colour]

Crafty Bitz Packet of 70 Pom Poms - Pastel [Crafty Bitz]
Crafty Bitz Assorted Plastic Jewels [Crafty Bitz]
Premier - A4 Paper - 80gsm - White - Ream of 500 Sheets [Premier Stationery]
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Icon Art 1ltr Poster Paint - Orange [Icon]

Northern Ireland Case Studies 2022-23 Topic 5 [Edco]
Crafty Bitz 75g Bag Matchsticks - Coloured [Crafty Bitz]
Icon Poster Paint 500ml - Ultramarine Blue [Icon]
Crafty Bitz Foam Stickers - Peace [Crafty Bitz]
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Big Kid's Choice 6 Piece Brush Set - Deluxe Round [Royal & Langnickel]
Premier Office Packet of 5 A4 Button Wallets - Coloured [Premier Stationery]
Icon Craft Card 2 x 100g Craft Pva Glue [Icon]
Crafty Bitz Packet of 100 Foam Stickers Alphabet Puzzle Shapes [Crafty Bitz]

Das 1kg White Air Hardening Modelling Clay [Premier Stationery]
Icon Poster Paint 500ml - Purple - Violet [Icon]
Pva Craft Glue - 500ml [Icon]
Icon Craft 250ml Pva Craft Glue with Brush [Icon]

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