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2nd Class Booklist September 2020

(for the school year running from Sep 2020 to May 2021)

Mount Anville Montessori Junior School - 2nd Class

School book cover [Schoolbooks.ie]
Grow in Love 4 - 2nd Class [Veritas]
Pritt Glue Stick - 43g [Pritt]
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Shatter Resistant Ruler 12" / 30cm [Premier Stationery]

Busy at Maths 2 [CJ Fallon]
Extra Soft White Eraser [Premier Stationery]
HB Pencils with Rubber Top - Pack of 10 [Student Solutions]
Abair Liom D [Folens]

A4 Ringbinder - Bold Colours [Premier Stationery]
Premier Office Twin Hole Metal Pencil Sharpener [Premier Stationery]
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A3 Mesh Storage Wallet [Student Solutions]
Busy at Maths 2 - Shadow Book [CJ Fallon]

Mathemagic Table Book [CJ Fallon]
Crayola - Coloured Pencils - Pack of 12 [Crayola]
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Fallons Oxford Childrens Dictionary [CJ Fallon]
Handwriting Today - Book C [Prim-Ed Publishing]

Aisling Project Book No. 15A 32 Page - ASXP15A [Aisling]
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A5 Mesh Bag [Supreme Stationery]
Over The Moon - 2nd Class Skills Book [Gill Education]
Brain Teasers 2 [CJ Fallon]

Explorers SESE 2nd Class Pupil Book [Folens]
Aisling Nature Study Copy 32 Page - ASXP/NS [Aisling]
Aisling Learn to Write Copy B4 32 Page - ASXB4 [Aisling]
Aisling Writing Copybook 40 Page - ASX2 [Aisling]

Icon Craft 5.25" / 13cm Craft Scissors [Icon]
Music Box 2 - 2nd Class (New Edition) [Edco]