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Poetry Focus 2019 [Gill Education]
The Past Today - Skills Book - 3rd Edition [Gill Education]
Scrap Book 15x10 - Multi-Coloured - 80 Page [Supreme Stationery]
Notes for An Triail [Edco]

Revise Wise - Leaving Cert - Biology - Higher Level [Edco]
Leaving Cert Music - Workbook Course A (Incl. CD) [Folens]
Case Studies: Government, Economy & Society in the Republic of Ireland 1949-1989 [Edco]
Graphics in Design & Communication (One Volume) [Gill Education]

Macbeth - 2nd Edition [Forum Publications]
Earth - Leaving Cert Geography - Elective 5 - Human Environment - Higher and Ordinary Level []
Aois na Gloire 2 [Gill Education]
A Thig Na Tit Orm [CJ Fallon]

Real World Physics - Textbook ONLY [Folens]
The New Jerusalem Bible - Pocket Edition (Hardback) [Veritas]
Less Stress More Success: History - Junior Cert [Gill Education]
Art & Design Workbook [Gill Education]

Premiers Pas 1 Pack [CJ Fallon]
The English Workbook E [Prim-Ed Publishing]
Less Stress More Success: Irish - Leaving Cert - Higher Level [Gill Education]
Seek and Find [Veritas]

Horthemen - CD Sets [CJ Fallon]
Less Stress More Success: Maths - Junior Cert - Higher Level - Paper 1 [Gill Education]
Cinnte 3 - Textbook & Leabhar Phunaine - Junior Cycle Irish - Higher Level [Edco]
Scrap Book - 15x10 - 24 Page [Supreme Stationery]

Less Stress More Success: Geography - Leaving Cert [Gill Education]
Mata Beo - Junior Infants [Folens]
Global Business, 3rd Edition [Folens]
French Grammar Made Easy [Edco]

Chemistry Live! Textbook Only [Folens]
The Merchant of Venice [Forum Publications]
Essentials Unfolded - Leaving Cert - Oral Spanish [Celtic Press (now part of CJ Fallon)]
Complete French Grammar [Mentor Books]

Firici Fillte - Bitheolaiocht - Ardteist - Gnathleibheal & Ardleibheal [Celtic Press (now part of CJ Fallon)]
Soilse Leabhar 1 - Realtai [CJ Fallon]
Write this Way 6 - 3rd-6th Class [Folens]
Materials Technology Wood - Textbook & Workbook Set [Folens]

Know the Way [Veritas]
The English Workbook G [Prim-Ed Publishing]
Themen Deutsch 1 [CJ Fallon]
Recorder in the Classroom Book 1 [The Sound Shop Ltd]

Mad 4 Maths - 4th Class [Carroll Heinemann]
Geo Nua - New Geo: Irish Edition [Edco]
Exam Edge Physics 2nd Edition [Folens]
Cupla [An Gum]

New Concise Project Maths 3A - Ordinary Level [Gill Education]
Bridge to Terabithia [Penguin Books]
Nation States and International Tensions, 1871-1920 (Option 2) [Folens]
Compass with Universal Adapter, Lead Part & Extension Bar [Staedtler]
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