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Junior Cert English Textbooks

Fire and Ice 2 [Gill Education]
Fire and Ice 1 [Gill Education]
Great Expectations 2 - Textbook & Portfolio Set [Educate.ie]
Great Expectations 1 - Textbook & Portfolio Set [Educate.ie]

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Express Yourself! [Edco]
Be Inspired! [Edco]
Crescents [Edco]
The Merchant of Venice - NEW EDITION [Edco]

Make Your Mark! Textbook & Handbook [Folens]
Step Up! [Folens]
Merchant of Venice [Folens]
Great Expectations 1 - Student Portfolio [Educate.ie]

Branching Out! 1 [CJ Fallon]
Great Expectations 2 - Student Portfolio [Educate.ie]
The Merchant of Venice [Forum Publications]
Limelight 1 [Mentor Books]

Merchant of Venice [Wordsworth Editions Ltd]
Spirals - Textbook & Student Portfolio Set [Edco]
Word Zone 1 [Mentor Books]
Word Zone 2 [Mentor Books]

Key Skills in English - Higher Level - 3rd Edition [Mentor Books]
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Examination Writing Skills (2nd & 3rd Year) [Folens]
Chrysalis - Old Edition [CJ Fallon]
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Rhyme and Reason [Edco]

Take the Plunge! [Folens]
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New English Experience 1 [Gill Education]
Wordplay 2 [Gill Education]
Wordplay 1 [Gill Education]
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Quest - Textbook & Workbook Set [Edco]
Dive In! - Old Edition [Folens]