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Irish Brands

Feadog Brass Whistle - Key of D [Feadog]
The Spinning Heart [Transworld Publishers Ltd]
Under the Hawthorn Tree [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
Mummy Cooks - Blue Food Flask [Mummy Cooks]

The Guns of Easter [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
Mummy Cooks - Green Food Flask [Mummy Cooks]
The Real Rebecca [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
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Faraway Home [The O'Brien Press Ltd]

Baby & Family Recipe Book [Mummy Cooks]
A Girl Called Blue [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
Lunchbox Made Easy [Mummy Cooks]
Adam's Starling [The O'Brien Press Ltd]

Mummy Cooks - Lunch Set with Flamingo Bag [Mummy Cooks]
Marc Hurling Helmet - Pink [MARC Helmets]
Blazing a Trail: Irish Women Who Changed the World [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
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Mummy Cooks - Lunch Set with Panda Bag [Mummy Cooks]

The Great Irish Weather Book [Gill Books]
Shooting for the Stars - My Journey to Become Ireland's First Astronaut [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
Mummy Cooks - Lunch Set with Elephant Bag [Mummy Cooks]
In Deep Dark Wood [The O'Brien Press Ltd]

Wildflower Girl: Children of Famine [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
GIY'S Know it All-Manac Illustrated by Fatti Burke [GIY]
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Dare to Dream : Irish People Who Took on the World (and Won!) [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
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The Great Irish Farm Book [Gill Books]

Artemis Fowl [Penguin Books]
Is There Anybody Out There? [Scholastic]
Fields of Home: Children of the Famine [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
Safe Harbour [The O'Brien Press Ltd]

Marc Hurling Helmet - Red [MARC Helmets]
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Gordon's Game - The hilarious rugby adventure book for children who love sport [Penguin Books Ltd]
Marc Hurling Helmet - Blue [MARC Helmets]
Marc Hurling Helmet - White [MARC Helmets]

Marc Hurling Helmet - Black [MARC Helmets]
Gordon's Game - Blue Thunder - Hardback [Penguin Books Ltd]
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The One With The Waggly Tail - Favourite Rhymes from an Irish Childhood [The O'Brien Press Ltd]
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Marc Hurling Helmet - Yellow [MARC Helmets]

The Monsters of Rookhaven [Pan Macmillan]
Marc Hurling Helmet - Green [MARC Helmets]
Pigin's Unexpected Adventure - Hardback [Gill Books]
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Take Five [Gill Books]
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The President's Surprise [Gill Books]
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Dracula [Penguin Books]
Tiny and Teeny [Walker Books Ltd]
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Dracula [Penguin Books]
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The Fowl Twins [HarperCollins Publishers]
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The Fowl Twins 2 - Deny all Charges - Hardback [HarperCollins Publishers]
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