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Make A Difference - 4th Edition Set (Textbook and Activity Book) [Folens]
Take A Stand - Set [Mentor Books]
A World of Wellbeing - Junior Cycle CSPE [Edco]
One World - Textbook & Workbook Set - 2nd Edition [Edco]

Citizen Textbook & Response Journal Book [Educate.ie]
Stand Up, Speak Up! [Mentor Books]
Exam Papers (incl 2019) - Junior Cycle - Business Studies [Educate.ie]
CSPE Activity Book - Stand Up Speak Up! [Mentor Books]

Impact! - Workbook [Gill Education]
Taking Action Now - Textbook & Workbook Set [CJ Fallon]
Social Education for LCA [Gill Education]
Taking Action Now - Workbook [CJ Fallon]

Impact! [Gill Education]
Citizen Response Journal Book [Educate.ie]