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Christmas Gifts Under €20

Feadog Brass Whistle - Key of D [Feadog]
Crayola 12 Twistable Crayons [Crayola]
Crayola 10 Twistables Colouring Pencils [Crayola]
Crayola - 24 Colouring Pencils [Crayola]

Crayola Twistable Crayons 24 pack [Crayola]
Crayola - Coloured Pencils - Pack of 12 [Crayola]
Private Peaceful [HarperCollins Publishers]
9% OFF
Crayola Washable Markers - Pack of 12 [Crayola]

Crayola 24 Pack Fun Effects Mini Twistables Crayons [Crayola]
Crayola - Supertips - Washable Markers - 24 pack [Crayola]
20% OFF
Once [Penguin Books]
Crayola Crayons - 24 Pack [Crayola]

Stone Cold [Penguin Books]
To Kill a Mockingbird [Cornerstone]
20% OFF
Crayola 12 Anti Dust Coloured Chalk [Crayola]
Foster [Faber & Faber]
20% OFF

Clever Kidz 23cm Magnetic Clever Clock [Clever Kidz]
20% OFF
Junior Triangular Graphite Set [Faber-Castell]
Crayola 36 Pack Colouring Pencils [Crayola]
Eco Colour Pencils Box 12 With 3 Free Bi-Colours + Sharpener [Faber-Castell]

Clever Kidz Pkt.5 207x153mm Decorate The Peg Boards [Clever Kidz]
20% OFF
Awaiting Stock
Clever Kidz Bag 1000 Coloured Pegs For Peg Boards [Clever Kidz]
20% OFF
The Spinning Heart [Transworld Publishers Ltd]
Aulos 205 - Recorder [Aulos]

Crayola Easy Grip Jumbo Crayons - Tub of 24 [Crayola]
Clever Kidz 15cm Magnetic Clever Clock [Clever Kidz]
20% OFF
Verbatim Pinstripe USB Drive - 16GB [Verbatim]
Playing Cards [Premier Stationery]
20% OFF

Aulos 303 - Recorder [Aulos]
Textliner Pastel Colours 1546 Wallet Of 4 [Faber-Castell]
Crayola 12 Pack Colouring Pencils - 1/2 Size [Crayola]
Awaiting Stock
Clever Kidz Bag 100 Coloured Linking Cubes [Clever Kidz]
20% OFF

Verbatim Pinstripe USB Drive - 8GB [Verbatim]
Junior Triangular Colour Pencils Box 20 [Faber-Castell]
Textliner Pastel Colours Wallet Of 8 (2 Free) [Faber-Castell]
Coraline [Bloomsbury Publishing]
20% OFF

Noughts and Crosses [Penguin Books]
Awaiting Stock
Faber-Castell - Junior Triangular Colouring Pencils - Box of 10 [Faber-Castell]
Verbatim Card 3 Store 'n Go USB Slider USB 2.0 Drive - 16GB [Verbatim]
Trio Sharpening Box Silver [Faber-Castell]

Crayola Box 12 Anti Dust Chalk - White [Crayola]
Ladybird Pencil Set (3) With Eraser [Faber-Castell]
Greek Myths & Legends [Usborne Publishing Ltd]
20% OFF
Clever Kidz Wipe-clean 25.5x26.5cm Teaching Clock - Dog [Clever Kidz]
20% OFF

Redline Fibre Tip Pens Box 12 [Faber-Castell]
Awaiting Stock
Clever Kidz Tub 68 Magnetic Abc Letters & Numbers [Clever Kidz]
20% OFF
School Fountain Pen Set Blue [Faber-Castell]
Crayola 12 Pack Silly Scents Mini Twistables Crayons [Crayola]

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