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The Top 5 Tools To Keep In Your Study Desk

January 14, 2020

The Top 5 Tools To Keep In Your Study Desk

With the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams only a few months away, we wanted to share our Top 5 Tools to help make studying more fun and efficient.

Top 5 Tools To Keep In Your Study Desk

1. Revision Cards

Revision Cards (also known as Flash Cards) are ideal for indexing, revision notes, repetition, learning new words and much more! You can customise these cards any way you want and the assorted colours make the organisation fun and easy!


2. A Planner

Any student knows to study efficiently, organisation is key. A great way to keep dates and notes organised is to write them down in a planner! These undated planners are perfect for recording important dates and did you know that our planners also have additional space to put your notes in?

3. Highlighters

Highlighters (also known as Textliners) help you to ensure that important text is highly visible and easier to locate when studying from notes or textbooks. Multiple colours can be used for different subjects or to colour code your planner. Use highlighters to make studying fun!

4. Sticky Notes

Sticky motes are the simplest way to mark a book in multiple places without damaging it! Use these sticky notes to write down any important information, to organise your thoughts on a board, or even to remind yourself about assessments that are due.


5. Notebook

Pair these colourful notebooks with the perfect pen and you can conquer any studying obstacle! Fact: handwriting stimulates the memory recall better than typing on your computer, so find your perfect notebook and keep on writing!

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