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June 21, 2017 - New Website and a Special Thank You

So, it’s that busy time of time of year again for all you Mums and Dads out there, juggling exams, holiday planning and the unpredictable Irish weather. We have been busy preparing for this busy season and we thought we would pause for a moment and say thank you to all of you wonderful folks for making each year better than the last. Not just a thank you, we have relaunched our website with you in mind. We are working hard to make this even better and more convenient in new and exciting ways but we hope you like our fresh new facelift.

So – what’s new:
- Our new website has just launched with a super new look and simple search facility to match easier and quicker to your book-list
- We are going to be more proactive in talking to you and figuring out how we can make the ordering process easier, less stressful and to highlight great offers through the summer.
- Expanded stationery range – from our experience it is always the last thing to do on the “To-Do” list. And there is always something forgotten. We have dug through every bag imaginable to ensure you send the kids back to school with all the tools of the trade.


When we took that pause we mentioned we realised we know a few little bits about you guys, but you know very little about us. Here are some of the reasons for us to be thanking you for your great support over the last 14 years.

2016 was our most popular year to date – last summer we helped over 60,000 customers buy over 1 million products from us.

Your support has contributed to our growth and with that growth we have been able to reinvest money into providing a better experience and service for you. Not only that, but we have been able to create jobs and grow our teams into new areas which is exciting for us.


Did you know? We pride ourselves on having the:

- Fastest service – orders received before 3pm are usually dispatched the same day. We can do this because we only offer to sell products that are actually sitting on our shelves.

- Best value – we were the first retailer in the schoolbooks market to offer discounts. Since then we have been able to continue to lead the market in driving down the cost of schoolbooks for you. To date, we’re pleased to say that we have saved our own customers over €3m to date and have led other retailers to follow us.

- Best customer service – our full-time experienced customer service team are in place year-round to help you decipher your booklist and make your schoolbook buying experience as painless as possible.

- Widest range of more than 4,000 different products across schoolbooks, stationery, schoolbags and uniforms).

- Open year-round – we continue to hold stock across the full range of products we sell throughout the year and are here 24/7 in case a book is lost or gobbled-up by a family pet. We also sell exam papers throughout the year.

- Good resource for teachers with full descriptions of books. We are very pleased to help teachers when researching books wherever we can.

- Book covering - we take the hassle out of covering your books too: last year we covered over a quarter of a million books

- Social – in addition to our website, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Special 15% Discount!

We would like to thank you, show our appreciation and celebrate the launch of our new website with a very special early bird discount of 15% off all your school textbooks during June 2017.

We said things would be simpler and easier on the pocket too, so here’s how to claim your discount.

Just enter the discount code “EARLYBIRD” when you reach checkout and we’ll do the rest.

Psssst – you can share this with your friends and family too should you like. Just pass on the code! Easy


Committed to being better and focused on YOU!

If you have any ideas or suggestions as to how we can further improve our service, we would love to hear them. Our mission is to be the principal (no pun intended) destination for all of your educational needs. Please tell us your ideas or suggestions by emailing us at

Final thank you from our entire team is a real team effort – over the summer our team consists of nearly 40 experienced staff members across the warehouse, customer service, procurement, IT, marketing and accounts departments. Everyone’s sole focus is working together to help you to get you the products you need, with the least hassle, as quickly as possible, at the lowest cost. On behalf of everyone here, we’d like to thank you for supporting us over the years and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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