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Five inexpensive ways to update your child's space

October 06, 2020

Five inexpensive ways to update your child's space

Decorate with Wall Stickers For Kids

Looking to update your child's bedroom, play space or study area quickly, easily and without spending too much? Check out our 5 ideas below!!

5 ways to update your child's space

1. Turn old crates into storage / shelves

You can paint them in colours to match their room (check our fabulous paint section here) or let the kids do it themselves (outside!). Attaching them to the wall is also an option and is the perfect storage for books and other small toys. Psst... Wall Stickers could also work perfectly!

2. Frame their artwork

Attach two strings on each side of their playroom and simply use tape, staples or pegs to hang their artwork. They'll be proud of their paintings and happy that they are displayed and you'll finally have your fridge door visible again.

Psst... It also works in your child's study area - hang important notes and homework in easy reach.

3. Home desktop supplies

Update your child's study space and get boxes of colourful paper clips, new pens and highlighters in all the colours of the rainbow or new notebooks that they can keep as diaries or simply for some study notes. You can get all your desktop essentials inexpensively here.

4. Create a Magnetic Wall

Magnetic paint allows you to transform a wall into a a learning space as well as to add some interaction from your toddler or teenager. Learn new words, leave some notes for each other or even hang your artwork on the wall with your magnets! The possibilities are endless! Check out our huge set of magnetic Abc Letters & Numbers here.

5. Embrace a theme

Whether it is stars and stripes, animals, princesses, space or a farm theme..the easiest way to update a room quickly is with wall stickers. Wall Stickers For Kids have a brilliant range of wall stickers, decals and more to allow you to choose a theme you want!! Click here to see a full range of Wall Stickers For Kids, free delivery over €20 also!

Psst... Special promotion - Get 2 sets now for only €20 (mix'n'match)!


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