By Patsy McCaughey
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History: Resources and Revision

A new full colour resources and revision book based on the Junior Certificate exam layout.

  • Allows students to revise for the exam whilst becoming familiar with the exam paper format.
  • Divided into 16 chapters reflecting the topics contained in the Junior Certificate History syllabus.
  • Follows the order of the Junior Cert exam paper -
    • Question 1: Pictures
    • Question 2: Documents
    • Question 3: Short-Answer Questions
    • Question 4: People in History
    • Question 5: Higher Level Questions (covering Questions 5 & 6 of the exam paper)
  • Contains an abundance of resources: pictures, posters, cartoons, maps, portraits, letters, extracts, diary entries.
  • Includes 'hints' for students to answer Question 4 (People in History). A list of useful facts based on a sample question is provided, creating a very useful revision exercise.
  • Revision Summaries are provided for each topic on the syllabus, allowing students to quickly revise each topic prior to the Junior Certificate exam.
  • Exam-style language is used in questions to help students become familiar with this approach.
Publisher: Mentor Books
ISBN: 9781906623494
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